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Hanseatic City of Rostock

The Hanseatic City of Rostock is located in Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania in the North-East of Germany, straight at the Baltic Sea coast. It is the only regiopolis in Mecklenburg- Western Pommerania.

Pilot area: Kröperliner-Tor-Vorstadt

Rostock's pilot area Kröpeliner-Tor-Vorstadt is the most densely populated area in the city of Rostock, it is characterised by Wilhelminian houses. Kröperliner-Tor-Vorstadt serves mainly as a residence area but some parts also serve for mixed usage and provide public services like schools, hospitals, churches, university, local shops and other services. Kröperliner-Tor-Vorstadt has 14. 914 inhabitants (2016) and comprises 1,23 km2 of the city surface.

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Hanseatic City of Rostock