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Aarhus "A Good City for All Citizens"

The City of Aarhus, like many other European cities is growing. In 2030, it is estimated around 50,000 people will have been added to the current population of 325,000 a growth of more than 10 %. 30,000 more jobs will move to the city and approximately 20,000 more cars if there are no changes to the mobility patterns.

In the Municipal Development Strategy (2016), Smart Growth has high priority. The city is growing denser in the future moving travel destinations closer to each other and making the public transport system more efficient. By following this strategy, the demand for transport should decrease. Furthermore, the smart choice of mobility is an important part of the Municipal Development Strategy, supported by infrastructure projects, such as the new light rail line and super commuter bike paths.

Aarhus aspires to be a healthy and inclusive city that is reflected in the vision of Aarhus "a good city for all citizens". Furthermore, political ambitions call for liveability, sustainability and good mobility.

The Mobility Points that will be established as part of the Cities Multimodal project will follow the principles of the Inner-City Mobility Plan from 2018 as one example of shifting from traffic management to sustainable urban mobility planning with the citizens.

Text by Gustav Friis, The City of Aarhus