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cities.multimodal supports Riga's goal of becoming a Smart City

Riga has set a goal to achieve the status of the Smart City by integrating cross-sectorial innovations into transportation, housing, energy and public administration. Also, the “Sustainable Development Strategy of Riga-2030” sets our ambition “to become an internationally recognisable metropolis with high quality of life, innovative economy, smart and efficient management of the resources, modern administration and active participation of city residents”.

Functioning transport of goods and people nowdays is the basic precondition for urban economic development, but at the same time transport is the key challenge to environmental sustainability and the quality of life in the city. Therefore, smart and climate and environmentally-friendly transport and sustainable mobility are very important development areas for us, as these ensure safe, healthy and convenient living conditions to our residents and foster the overall business development.

From the participation in the “cities.multimodal” project Riga expects to acquire knowledge, experience and practical skills on innovative approaches to urban mobility management. The project contributes to implementation of our strategic goal to reduce ecological footprint of urban transport by introducing the mobility point concept and by setting up the first Mobility Point in our city, as well as by encouraging our citizens to switch to more sustainable modes of transportation, by promoting uses of greener public transport modes, shared transport, bicycles and e-cars, as well as by introduction of new IT solutions aimed to improve mobility in our city. Thus, the project offers us a palette of new tools for shaping Riga to a vibrant and environmentally friendly city – a perfect place for living, science, innovation, business and recreation.

-Nika Kotoviča, “cities.multimodal” project coordinator, City of Riga