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The Energiraffen in Karlskrona

Charging cars without any CO2 emissions is now possible in the municipality of Karlskrona thanks to the hybrid powerplant ’Energiraffen’! The powerplant which can be found in the harbor area is not only for e-cars, other electrical vehicles such as e-bikes can also be charged. The generated energy will for example be used for charging the municipality’s own e-cars.

The name ‘Energiraffen’, a wordplay with the words energy and giraffe, matches both the shape and the purpose of the powerplant. The name was suggested by children from a local elementary school. The 12-meter-high powerplant, which indeed resembles a giraffe, consists of a wooden body made of recycled materials, 24 solar panels and a wind turbine.

In terms of cities.multimodal the 'Energiraffen' is a part of Karlskronas mobility point as there is a possibility to rent both e-bikes and e-cars on the spot. Not only that, the commuter ferries coming from the archipelago islands have their docks closely located to the 'Energiraffen' making it an ideal location for a mobility point.

The Commissioner of Planning and Environment of Karlskrona, Magnus Larsson at the grand opening of Energiraffen.