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European Mobility Week celebrated in Gdansk

As the motto for 2018's European Mobility Week “mix and move” fits perfectly with the goals for cities.multimodal Gdansk could not miss such a fantastic chance to promote switching from cars to bikes and walking. During a whole week (15-22 September) Gdansk was a scene for mobility events of all types.

Guided bike and scooter tours around the city were an amazing experience for the participants who had the chance to see the most popular places and picaresque views around Gdansk.

“Eco-mobility picnic” was warmly received by the inhabitants, children could learn about smog and why it is dangerous for us and how to be eco-friendly. Included in the programme was also joyful playing on inflatable playgrounds, getting face paintings and bike tattoos. and getting a ride on a mini bike.

For the adults we had a free bike repair service, professional photo sessions with bikes and scooters, chill zones, guided walking tours and free cruises on historic ships. They could also take part in an outdoor game where the main task was to move from one location to another without using cars.

While celebrating the Car Free Day, the people of Gdansk had a chance to rent the project’s bike trailers and try to ride them with children. Significant media interest resulted in positive reception among citizens as they eagerly attended all the events.

All these attractions were possible thanks to joint efforts of three European projects: cities.multimodal, Sohjoa Baltic and BSR Electric.


Text: Anna Klinkosz