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Kalmar adapting mobility planning to a changing city environment

“Kalmar is working actively with urban mobility topics as a result of the ample changes and expansion that the town is currently undergoing due to a brand new university campus that is being erected in the city centre. Soon several thousand students and staff will be added to the present flow of daily commuters, so there is an imminent need for integrated planning and strategies that develop the town in a sustainable and attractive way. This entails securing the awareness and acceptance of inhabitants, employers and business owners.

By joining a BSR-wide initiative such as CMM offers a magnificent opportunity learn from other cities and to jointly transform ideas into reality. Kalmar´s vision with the pilot area (including the new campus) is improved accessibility to the city centre despite the increased traffic by relying more on space-efficient, health-improving and resource efficient transport modes. And that this important task can provide useful insight and lessons learnt for other BSR cities to emulate and apply."

Robert Dahlström, Project Manager and cities.multimodal coordinator in Kalmar