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Pskov City Administration

Pskov is one of the most ancient cities of Russia. Pskov is located in the north-west part of Russia. It is the administrative center of Pskov Region and Pskov district. The city area is 95,6 km². The population of the city is about 209 840 people.

Within cities.multimodal the city of Pskov has planned to find solutions for better use of urban space, reducing the number of personal vehicles, as well as soultions for compact transport infrastructure allocating as much space as possible in the historical center of Pskov for citizens and city guests. For the city of Pskov it is equally important to gain experience and best practices from the European partners in the project.

Pilot area: Old City of Pskov

The pilot area is the historical center of the city.

Within the boundaries of the pilot area many important for the life of the city organizations and places for people's recreation are concentrated (local and regional administration, branches of federal agencies, schools, universities, kindergartens). In addition, many parks and embankments of the two main rivers of Pskov are also within the boundaries of the historical center of city.

The pilot area size is 4.92 km² and the population is 15600 people.

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Kristina Kobyz
Chairwoman of the Committee of Cross-border Cooperation and Tourism
Pskov City Administration