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Towards multimodal mobility options

MOBILITY POINTS make multimodal transport visible in public space and facilitate the use of sustainable transport modes and connections between them.
Mobility management measures are implemented in coperation with different institutions in the pilot area. The aim is to influence and change mobility behaviour among the involved persons and encourage them to make a (partly) shift to more sustainable modes.
Citizen involvement and participation of a wide range of stakeholders is THE core of sustainable urban mobility planning.

News & Events

Study Visit to Copenhagen and Malmö 5-7 th of September

In the beginning of September the cities.multimodal partner cities visited Copenhagen (DK) and Malmö (SWE) for a study visit. To get a hands-on experience of the biking culture and infrastructure in both cities the site visit participants used rental-bikes as their primary mode of transportation.

Supporting commuters to choose sustainable modes of transport in Vilnius

“A couple of years ago Vilnius started to implement a Park & Ride system and at the same time our Sustainable urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) was initiated. The idea in the cities.multimodal project, to implement a mobility hub– that was a new issue, a pioneering project, which can be shown to our key decision makers, specialists and communities!

Preparatory analysis of multimodality and mobility management in cities.multimodal

How can we increase multimodality and how can we implement smart mobility management in the cities.multimodal partner cities? The first step of the answer on this question certainly is: Let’s have a closer look at the situations regarding these central elements of sustainable urban mobility. This would build a basis for developing measures tailored to the specific conditions and challenges of the cities.