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MOBILITY POINTS make multimodal transport visible in public space and facilitate the use of sustainable transport modes and connections between them.
Mobility management measures are implemented in coperation with different institutions in the pilot area. The aim is to influence and change mobility behaviour among the involved persons and encourage them to make a (partly) shift to more sustainable modes.
Citizen involvement and participation of a wide range of stakeholders is THE core of sustainable urban mobility planning.


The Riga Municipal Agency “Riga Energy Agency” has launched the first mobility point in Riga and Latvia in the VEF district, connecting different sustainab

The Baltic Sea Region Mobility Summit 2020 will take place on September 8-10, 2020.

Photo of bicycle garage in Kalmar

On the 15th of May, Kalmar opened its first mobility point.


Previously intended to take place as a three-day conference in Brussels, the event's new online format will enable participants to join debates and exchange expertise on the most important urban mo

The 11th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR will be held in ONLINE on 20th of October and will in the usual order include plenaries and workshop, however this year the Forum is organized o