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MOBILITY POINTS make multimodal transport visible in public space and facilitate the use of sustainable transport modes and connections between them.
Mobility management measures are implemented in coperation with different institutions in the pilot area. The aim is to influence and change mobility behaviour among the involved persons and encourage them to make a (partly) shift to more sustainable modes.
Citizen involvement and participation of a wide range of stakeholders is THE core of sustainable urban mobility planning.


We are delighted to share the first ever episode of the Interreg podcast "This is Europe" featuring cities.multimodal's lead partner the Hanseatic City of Rostock.

cities.multimodal represented by Lisa Wiechmann and Steffen Nozon from the City of Rostock recently contributed to the making of an Interreg podcast.

Claus Köllinger from Graz, Austria is an urban transport and mobility management expert representing the Urban Mobility Observatory Eltis.


cities.multimodal's 5th project meeting will be taking place in Tartu 21-24.04.2020, the meeting includes a visit to Pskov.

TRA, the Transport Research Arena, is the largest European research and technology conference on transport and mobility. In 2020, TRA takes place in Helsinki, Finland.

The ITF 2020 Summit will take place in Leipzig, the topic is "Transport Innovation for Sustainable Development".