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Peer reviews

A peer review is an opportunity for the hosting city to get valuable and instant comments, feedback and input on project related activities. The visiting cities' role is to contribute with an outsider's perspective and bring a new angle to the table. The project's peer reviews are conducted in small groups and are therefore a brilliant format for mutual learning and effective collaboration between project partners.

There were two peer review groups, the member cities in within each peer-review group took turn in hosting and visiting.
Group 1: Kalmar, Guldborgsund, Vilnius and Tartu
Group 2: Rostock, Riga, Aarhus and Gdansk


The peer review process is done in three steps:

1. Preparation
2. Peer review visit
3. Peer review report


The purpose of the preparation is for the visiting cities to become acquainted with the host city's situation and the making of practical arrangements. The host city prepares documents and material which the visiting cities will look over prior to the actual peer review visit. The aim of the peer review visit itself is to facilitate an exchange of ideas and solutions on the activities carried out by the host city in the project. The peer review visit may be carried out through discussions, site visits and workshops.

The peer review report contains a description of the host city's situation and processes along with the visiting cities' findings, suggestions and ideas. The target groups for the report are partner cities and their local partners. The reports will help the target groups to review their multimodal transport concepts and raise their awareness for new opportunities in selected city quarters to make a change.

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