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Playing instead of Parking - Parking Day in Kiel

To ensure that kids arrive to school safely, many parents drive their children to school. These so called ‘parent taxis’ not only have various negative effects on the children’s’ development, they also increase traffic jams and make the situation worse and even dangerous for children walking and cycling to school. The school in Ellerbek, Germany is affected by this problem, facing dangerous parent taxi maneuvering in front of the school daily.


However, the school of Ellerbek took action. Together with the cyclist association ADFC the school gathered different actors and started a ‘Parking Day’. A Parking Day is an international day of action. Through this day awareness is created on how the area for (car-) parking spaces can be alternatively used. The school of Ellerbek blocked the area where the parent taxis usually arrive and organized a school festival instead. That way it was shown how the space what is usually blocked by cars can be used in a meaningful way. Children rode bikes, scooters and kettcars or were running around filling the space which they did not have before with joy and play. At different stations, which the teachers prepared, children could play games and receive stamps for it. The neighborhood’s senior group was kind to prepare fresh fruits and vegetables for all participants of the Ellerbeker School Festival. It was an exciting and successful day for teachers, children, parents and seniors

Text and Photos: Carolin Bach, ADFC-SH

Parking Day Kiel