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Aarhus Municipality

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark and has a population of 325.000 inhabitants. Aarhus is a typical coastal town in the Southern Baltic Sea with sandy shores and forests. The city has many hills and buildings are mainly 2-4 stories. A tendency of building high rises has been ongoing for the last 8-10 years meaning a higher density of population in the inner city.

Pilot area:  Ø-Gaderne

The pilot area for mobility points is located in the dense inner-city area of Aarhus and consists of mainly apartments for housing and small stores. The area is characterized by a lot of parked cars and small streets. The overall pilot area for the entire CMM project counts nearly 68.000 inhabitants, living in an area of approx. 20 km².

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Gustav Friis
Project Manager
Aarhus Municipality