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Karlskrona Municipality

Karlskrona is located on the southeast coast of Sweden and is one of the smaller cities in the project with its 37.000 inhabitants (67.000 in the municipality). The city has a direct connection to rest of Europe through the Baltic Sea and is characterised by its naval history and archipelago, being located on a total of 33 islands and named a UNESCO world heritage site. The history and geographical location of the city distinguish it but also affects the city planning and the continued expansion.

Pilot area: Trossö (city centre)

Karlskrona’s pilot area Trossö is the centre of the city and the most densely populated area with approximately 10.000 inhabitants. Within the cities.multimodal project Karlskrona hopes to encourage its citizens, with the help of mobility management, to choose sustainable transport modes instead of using private cars. This would serve to open up more space for people to live and for the city to grow while promoting the environment. The area serves both as a residential area and provides public services such as schools, local shops, businesses, police station, train station and more. As Trossö is an island, it only has one primary way into the city. This means that space is finite, which impacts the mobility situation in the city as well as the possibilities for growth and flexibility. On top of this, the large number of historical buildings and sites need to be taken into account, including the road network and the main square, which currently partly houses parking. In general, parking spaces are situated along the streets but they also take up valuable space in some of the most beautiful spots in the city.

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Kenneth Gyllensting
Environmental Strategist
Karlskrona Municipality