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First Mobility Concept for a Car-Reduced Housing Area Developed in the City of Rostock

In the frame of cities.mutlimodal, the City of Rostock cooperated with the municipal housing association, which goes by the name WIRO. The aim of the cooperation was to develop a mobility concept for the new housing area “Wohnen am Werftdreieck”, that WIRO is aiming to build from 2021 onwards. The housing area contains around 750 apartments and is perfectly located in the city center of Rostock, close to the river Warnow.

Based on the architectural design from the Austrian bureau ALBERT WIMMER, the housing area was from the very beginning planned as a car-reduced area. Meaning that car parking is concentrated in two car parks on the edges of the quarter and that no car traffic is allowed between the housing blocks. In cooperation with WIRO and on behalf of the City of Rostock, the planning bureau ARGUS further developed the idea of a car-free quarter and established a proper mobility concept including a set of measures on how to integrate and promote sustainable transport offers to the future residents.

The new concept includes recommendations for attractive bike parking facilities, how mobility stations (with sharing offers, cargo bike and trol-ley rental, bicycle repair kits) and delivery services can be integrated and organized in a convenient way. The cooperation between the housing association and the city administration was very fruitful and the result can be used as a blueprint for many other construction projects in the city or Rostock and beyond.

Currently, the concept is only available in German.

For more information, please contact:

The Hanseatic and University City of Rostock, Staff unit Mobility Management,
Project coordinator Lisa Wiechmann (lisa.wiechmann(a)

Text and Photo: Lisa Wiechmann, The Hanseatic and University City of Rostock

Mobility Concept Rostock